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Wooden or PVC Letters & Numbers

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  • 1/2 " ( Wood )
  • 1" ( Wood Only )
  • 2" ( Wood Only )
  • 3" ( Wood | PVC )
  • 4" ( Wood | PVC )
  • 5" ( Wood | PVC )
  • 6" ( Wood | PVC )
  • 6" Western ( Wood | PVC )
  • 6" Brush Script ( Wood | PVC )
  • 8" Numbers Only ( Wood | PVC )
  • 9" Brush Script ( Wood | PVC )
  • 10" ( Wood | PVC )
  • 10" Western ( Wood | PVC )
  • 12" Curlz Script ( Wood | PVC )
  • 14" ( Wood | PVC )

    Specialty Items


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    100% Satisfaction Guarantee ...

    100% Satisfaction GuaranteeOur Guarantee: You must be completely satisfied with your purchase or you may return any of our letters or numbers for a full refund ... except for the shipping and handling charges. We don't have any "restocking charges".

    Lowest prices on the Internet.

    Our letters and numbers are priced starting at 50¢ each for our wooden laser cut 1/2"
    letters and numbers.

    You can see most of our styles and sizes in the photos below and each photo shows
    the price for that size and font style.

    All of our letters and numbers are now available cut from colored Celtec PVC.
    We are working on adding this option to all of our products. If you would like to
    order PVC for a product that does not have this option on the website, please
    contact us directly.

    Our letters and numbers can be ordered, cut from:

    1) 1/4" thick flat PVC available in White, Black, Red, Blue, or Yellow.
    Note: If you don't specify a color we'll send White.
    EXCEPTION: Letters and numbers under 1" size are NOT available in PVC.

    2) 1/4" thick Red Oak Plywood

    3) 1/2" thick Red Oak Plywood or MDF. (Medium Density Fiberboard).

    4) 3/4" thick Red Oak Plywood, Pine, or MDF.

    5) Other materials can be cut ... and we'll quote prices on special orders as required.

    Contact us by phone or email for prices on special order items ... use the "contact " button.

    Whether you are looking for wood letters, sign lettering, outdoor sign letters, or wooden alphabet letters we have a large selection.


    International Orders


    We are changing our program for all international orders. 

    Whatever we pay for shipping, is EXACTLY what we will be charging you. 

    We feel this is the fairest way we can do it right now. We currently ship all of our packages United States Postal Service, Priority Mail.

    We are looking into alternatives like UPS or maybe a Freight Forwarder for international shipments.  We're still looking into those options, so in the meantime this is how we will do it.

    Here's How To Order:

    When you are ready to order, rather than placing your order through the website, just send Vicki an email (vickiwithdavesigns@gmail.com) with the products that you want. She will figure out the grand total based on size of the box and the weight and then send you an PayPal invoice for the entire amount including the shipping.

    You can pay the invoice with a credit card or a PayPal account. You DON'T NEED to have a PayPal account in order to pay a PayPal invoice. All you need is a debit or credit card.
    Once that is paid then we will ship your order and confirm with you.

    Again we feel this is the fairest way for everyone. Thank you again and sorry for the inconvenience,

    Thank you,

    Dave, Eric & Vicki



    1" Letters / Numbers
    1" Letters / Numbers
    $1.00 ea
    1" Letters / Numbers
    2" Letters / Numbers
    $1.75 ea
    3" Letters / Numbers
    3" Letters / Numbers
    $2.50 ea
    4" Letters / Numbers
    4" Letters / Numbers
    $3.50 ea
    5" Letters / Numbers
    5" Letters / Numbers
    $4.50 ea
    6" Letters / Numbers
    6" Letters / Numbers
    $5.00 ea
    6" Western Letters / Numbers
    6" Western
    $5.00 ea
    6" Brush Script Letters / Numbers
    6" Brush Script
    $5.00 ea
    8" Numbers Only
    8" Numbers Only
    $7.00 ea
    9" Brush Script Letters / Numbers
    9" Brush Script
    $7.50 ea
    10" Letters / Numbers
    10" Letters / Numbers
    $8.00 ea
    10" Western Letters / Numbers
    10" Western
    $8.00 ea
    12" Curlz Script Letters / Numbers
    12" Curlz Script
    $9.50 ea
    14" Letters / Numbers
    14" Letters / Numbers
    $10.50 ea
    5" Train Letters, Engine, & Caboose
    5" Train Letters,
    Engine, & Caboose
    4-7-4, 2-4-2, 3-6-3 Cake Topper Sets
    4-7-4, 2-4-2, 3-6-3
    Cake Topper Sets
    1/2 " Letters & Numbers
    $0.50 ea
    1" Letters / Numbers14½ inch Wall Letter with "Shadow" backing
    $23.50 ea

    6" Live, Laugh, Love set
    $39.95 ea

    6" Classic Table Numbers
    $5.00 ea

    11" Duck Tape Wood Letters & Numbers
    $11.95 ea

    The photos above show most of the different styles of letters and numbers that we have listed in our website shopping cart and can be ordered directly from the cart.

    The different font styles and sizes are not available in sizes or fonts other than what is shown in the photo for that item ... for instance ... the 1" letters and numbers are only available in the font shown in the photo.

    The same font and size rule applies to the photos for our 2", 3", 4" and 5" letters and numbers. They are only available in size and font style shown in the photos.

    Our "Western" letters are available in two sizes 6" and 10" size (as shown).

    Our "Brush Script" letters are available in 6" or 9" size (as shown).

    Our 12" letters are only available in the "Curlz" font (as shown).

    The "Condensed Classic" font is available in 3 sizes 6", 10", and 14" (as shown).

    We also make a line of monogram wedding cake toppers. Check the "Cake Topper" link on navagation bar.

    Special Projects ... We'll be happy to quote on special projects for letters, numbers, logos, cutouts. Give us a call at 928-565-4566 (in Arizona).

    Here are a few photos from some of our customers showing how they used our letters and numbers (click on image to enlarge):

    Sample Sample Sample
    Sample Sample Sample

    We also do Custom Carved Wooden Signs!

    Freehand Routed Wood Signs Made Simple

    Our routed wood signs are priced according to the size and design. Click on "Custom Signs" link on the navagation bar on the left of this page for additional information on routed wood signs.

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